Why Use B1 Consulting?

If you want to maximise your organisation’s or your client’s organisation’s chances of surviving and prospering in the current economic conditions through:-

  • developing and implementing an appropriate strategy and plan for the business;
  • improving the company’s financial performance through restructure;
  • strengthening the balance sheet through part disposal of assets;
  • assisting in negotiating & restructuring the business’s finances;
  • training existing resources in the organisation to meet new challenges facing the business’s industry

then simply contact B1 Consulting.  We are available for an initial consultation by appointment and we guarantee discretion and confidentiality at all times.

B1 Consulting was established to assist our clients to build ‘fit-for purpose’, streamlined, progressive businesses, capable of operating and thriving in the domestic and international markets in which they operate.

As you will note from the profiles of the two principals, in addition to being familiar with up to date material & practices in change management, more importantly, they have a proven track record in delivering successful outcomes in increasing revenues & reducing costs for businesses. In B1 Consulting we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t talk theory…anything we discuss, we have personally delivered, so we know it works!

The partners of B1 Consulting have:-

  • 50 years combined commercial experience, both in Ireland and internationally;
  • managed at Senior Management level both in Ireland and overseas;
  • successfully designed & implemented change management programmes with proven record of success; and
  • experience in successfully negotiating Disposal of Assets for companies.

Both principals have been involved in Business Consultancy since 2004 & have collaborated to successfully return stressed businesses to profit through a relentless focus on cost discipline combined with exploiting existing and new revenue generating activities.